Metals are one of the naturally occurring substances on earth that has a tremendous value. Metals are used in everyday life in various different kinds of ways.  Metals have aided humanity to create the current world that we live in now. In every part of technology, you can find the use of metals. Metals are known to have a number of types, but can broadly be divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The various naturally occurring metals on earth include aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc.

There are many companies all around the world that trade in scrap metals. Scrap metals are metals which have no use anymore. Scrap metals, if treated properly can be turned into new metals again. Therefore, there are a number of trading companies that are interested in dealing with scrap metals. The LKG trading company, is famous for used scrap metals. Most of the scrap metals that are collected by the company comes from the various trades and construction companies in singapore, though metals from homes are also welcome. You can get quite a bit of money for them.

This company provides a variety of services to their customers. The services include services of demolition. The services are

  • Services dealing with dismantling and removal.
  • Demolition of various projects
  • Placing surveyors to the demolition site.
  • The competitive and reasonable pricing of things

Services dealing with metal scrap dealers:

  • Deals that are done of metals that are ferrous and metals that are non-ferrous
  • Cable wire and machine dealing
  • Dealing with generators
  • Services that include forklift

The waste produced by electronic equipment: The electronic wastes that are produced are basically electronic components and excess and reject products.

Transport facilities: as the name suggest they deal with the transporting of machineries.

Service regarding the disposal of scrap metal:  disposal of scrap metals is one of the most important parts of this service. Bulky metals that are useless and are getting collected in a certain place are disposed.


The products this company deals with are

  • Waste materials
  • Recycled materials
  • Ferrous materials
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Cables and wires

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